made in malaysia

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sedg mendgr: we are the youth

sempena kemerdekaan kite yg ker 50 nie.,
mcm2 ker. dah bwat tok memperingati jase2 pejuang tanah air kiter dulu..
so kiter nie yg dok mnumpang nie kne lah bersyuKur ye x.'
act cube korg perati.. kebanyakan lagu2 skrang nie lyric2nyer byk tertumpu kearah cinta lar., keganasan lar., revenge., n ntah pepe lg..
tp cbe korg perati lagu nie..act lagu nie dah lmer dar..
klo x clap aku lagu nie kluar taun 2005 nun dlu..
korg mesti penah dgr 1 band nie..
roots 'n' boots
hehehe korg pown mesti penah dgr lagu nie made in malaysia....
biler aku perati blek.! lagu nie mempunyai lyric yg ckp patriotic skali...
x mcm2 lirik2 skrang nie..

The days had gone, too long, it seems like yesterday,
This is the land we’re born and where we gonna stay,
The pride is there, we know and it’s always in our hearts,
We gonna stand and fly the flag of nations pride,

The war had gone, and all the heroes had their way,
But if its strikes again, we know we gonna stay,
We gonna stand and fight, we’ll die for this prideland,
We’ll show the foes, we’re great coz we’re the countrymen,

And when you hear the call we know that you’ll be there,
It’s for the stripes, the moon and star,
Coz we all proud, that we were Made In Malaysia...

We had been raised to trust the God and to the King,
We gonna stand our ground, the strength that comes within,
So if you think you got those feeling that is true,
And it’s all for the yellow, the red and white and blue,

We gonna stand (We gonna shout),
This is the land (That we are proud),
Let’s join the line and you’ll know what it’s all about,
So if you think (You feel the same),
Raise all the flags (Of our land),
And feel the pride inside, you know that it is true,
We just don’t care, now who the hell you are,
You got to shout it loud,
that you’re proud,
to be Made In Malaysia...

Music: Achmed SodD/Idzwan
Lyric: Achmed SodD

if malaysia, swatu ari nnti der perang lar kan.'
lagu nie seswai benar dJadikkn peniup semangat doi.!
tp 'if lar kan..spe lar nk negara sendri berpErang.!

*coz we all proud,
that we were made in malaysia....


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