by - 10:11 AM

saya ngntok.
saya ngntok.
saya amat mengantok. :(

esk de memory test, economic. huhu. xstdy lg neh.
i just finished wtching congkak.haha!
hmm, not dat scary. well, xtkot lngsong!

ohh ohh. bwat test math td, at FTMSK. got there LATE! hah. agk cnfuse gak r ngn soklan dye. but atleast i can do it. dunno what my result will end up.huhu.
2mrrow's friday. de class AIS, kind of enjoyin the class.dunno y dowh. stiap kali abes class AIS, wat i 'insaf'. rili haa? coz our lec always reads us 1 hadith rasullullah frm the hadith 40 book.
alhamdulillah :D

soo.thats all. nyte nyte babes! :)

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