by - 7:25 AM

this was THE DAY. heheh >.<

A very special day. i went 2 KL 2day to meet HIM. hmm, dh 3 bulan ktorng xjmpa n akhirnyerr, we've met. segan segan malu malu but besh glerrr. haha! we shop of course. bought his clothes n our SOCKS! ngee. n we also watched babylon A.D. hmm, besh laa gak, action2. then kluar msok kedai, usha2 baju. as for him, he had 2 wait while i was sooo busy looking for something 2 buy.hahah. n i bought NOTHING!
well, everything was soo damn xpensive, lupe lak skg bkn time sale. huhuh.
thnx syg, coz snggup tnggu. ngee.

hmm, xtaw blerr akn jmpa blik. myb next week, next month o another 3 month. argghhh!
but in the end,i had lot of fun. wlupon penat smpai nk mati. n i managed 2 get back to uitm before azam mghrib. :)

soo.tata. n ilysdm abun.

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