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haloo u. & haluu shireen. hahah
i know that u will definitely be reading this.
14th oct.
today is azhari bin ismail's birthday (my daddy laa yhank). :)
msg him at 12in da mornin, hope to b the 1st person to wish his birthday before mama. hihih
text him that i love him soo much n hope ALLAH bless him till the end.
and he replied, 'thanks, i lov u tooo' awww... ;D

i just finished wacthing final destination. n there's more to come. assgnment dh laa xsiap lg, n final dh nk dekat n i? masih lg berfooya fooya.
esok clas lngsung xder coz pjmpaan JPA tuh, n of course i'm worried coz keputusan rayuan JPA xkwar2 lg. lembab nyerr lah haiii. berbulu aku tnggu.

act i wanted to tell u bout this. i just bought the new celcom post plan 1+5 and i dont rili know if its rili2 'menjimatkan'. ntah laa. i think i'm gonna try it for 1 month. n i bought 2 simcard at once. it cost rm75 for 2 simcard u know. skg neh dh xde dwet dh.1 lagi tuk aboon laa, pe lagi. n guess what?! i'm the masterline n i'm the one that has to pay rm 50 every month. aduihhh :'(

i posted his simcard this morning, pos express yaw. hopefully, smpai esok lah coz mamat yg jual tuh kterr num akan d activekan esok. ley gayut2. :)

k.pray for my final yerr.lov ya!

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