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ngee :)
got a call from celcom centre today. she told me that my celcom num that i bought at kl sentral tuh was going to b activate. wahaha. (*yg aku kter aku kena tipu tuh)
but dh lmer sngt xactiv2, soo i bought a new one. coz i didnt expect it to b activate. i gave her my acc num, n she told me that my rm75 will be given back. yahOOOOO! :D

today, bru jer abes exam CTU. fuhhh' lega dohh.
ntah pape ntah i jwb. bab reka2 citer neh mmg pandai. wahaha. lpas tuh, mkn kuey teow kt tunas mekar tuh. sedap dohhh.
yumm yummm.

'kuey teow yg amat sedap tuh'

'wit mai.tiru posing sumone,haha'

1.47 AM.
just finished watchin a VERY funny korean movie, wit mai n red. haahaa-hihih-hohoh.
dh.nyte2! :)

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