pathology (2008)

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i've just finished watchin PATHOLOGY. for this movie, i'll give 5***** yaw! hahah.
for me, its not a boring bowink boringgg movie like other movies that i've watched.

here's the synopsis. :)
A group of medical residents studying pathology devise a deadly game: to see which one of them can commit the perfect murder. When med school student Ted Grey (Milo Ventimiglia) graduates top of his class he joins one of the nations most prestigious Pathology programs. With talent and determination, Ted is quickly noticed by the programs privileged and elite band of pathology interns who invite him into their crowd.

Intrigued by his new friends he begins to uncover secrets he never expected and finds that he has unknowingly become a pawn in their dangerous and secret after-hours game at the morgue of who can commit the perfect undetectable murder. As Ted becomes seduced into their wild extracurricular activities the danger becomes real and he must stay one step ahead of the game before he is the next victim.[2].
He joins them in their 'game' of sorts, until eventually the group's ring leader (Dr. Jake Gallo) realises Grey is sleeping with his girlfriend (Dr. Juliette Bath) and openly murders people during the secret meetings. When Dr. Ted Grey's fiancée arrives to stay with him in his apartment, Gallo, angered by his girlfriend's infidelity kills her for the next game.

However, just as they are about to begin the autopsy on Dr. Bath (while plotting Grey's death), Gallo realises that the gas has been left on in the room resulting in a massive explosion as one of the group lights a meth pipe, killing everyone but Grey who was not in the room and Gallo who realizes what's about to happen and survives. Dr. Grey is seen walking away from the explosion.

Eventually Dr. Gallo manages to kill Dr. Grey's fiancée in what he believes to be the "perfect murder". Upon completing his autopsy report on his murdered fiancée, Grey is knocked out by Gallo and then forced to trade verbal barbs with him.

Grey uses some of Gallo's own rhetoric against him in reverse psychology fashion, after which a fellow pathologist (Dr. Ben Stravinsky) frees Grey and together they kill Gallo in the exact same way that he killed Grey's fiancée (during which in one of the most chilling climaxes; they commence dissecting a still alive Gallo).

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