syukur! :)

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hmm.. ntah laa. it was the worst day of my life. smua bnde xkena. n tetiba jd orang yg cm ilang igatan. that mornin, i had my brassband test. dh laa xbwk examination slip. then kena rush blik melati, print out a new slip. and i even lost my brassband cap,kt padang kawad lak tuh. carik bagai naik gila, risau dh mase tuh. then tnye komanda.rupe nyer ada kt dorg. i even got komander's jamal phone num to get my cap back. n he didnt reply any of my msg o calls. hangin. jerr. smpai skg xdpt2 lg. after final, i'll be going to the brassband course. mase tuh yg dpt baju2 brassband n instrument.hihi. can't wait. but masa tuh lak dh start cuti, soo kena laa b'korban ckit. :( ohh yaa, i'll b going to bangkok, thailand dis december. glerr xsabar! haven't told anyone yet, including him. hihi. suprise!


well. act, this was my very very horrible worst day! ko tahu, aku kena tipu! huh. i bought this celcom 1+5 plan at kl central. i bought it at a booth there, not act at the real celcom centre nyer kedai. that promotion boy took my money (rm75 dohh!) soo org celcom tuh cannot process my registration form. (aku haram kan dwet yg ko amek tuh,huh) i went back to kl central to report about it, but there's nothin they can do about it. soo, burn lah dwet tuh. :( i even cried to the boy (yg tukang jga counter celcom tuh). agk encem gak r mamat tuh. but nk wat cmner, dh t'keluar air mata. hahaha. meleleh2. it was totally embarassing. then dye nasihat2 laa ckit supaya jgn caya sngt booth2 tuh. hmmm, but dh nk wat cmner. bnda dh jd.


setiap kejadian ada hikmah nyerr. n kejadian kena tipu mmg ada hikmah nyerr. hihihi at class, got a call from mai. she checked my JPA for me. alhamdulillah. dapat pon JPA. jerit2 gak r kt class tuh. gembira sngt laah kata kan. hihihi ohh, i went to pkns s.alam today. bought a new celcom num ( also cost rm 75 ) huhu. ngah menghitung detik tuk num diaktif kan jerr. i posted his sim card this mornin too. heheh. okehh. wanna remind u. watever things u buy, pliss laa mntk resit. klu x, msti kena tipu. pengajaran buat diri ini. n setiap kejadian, ada hikmah nyerr.

assalamualaikum. :D

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