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last week,

went to plaza alam sentral for bowling. dh lmer glerr x maen dohh! dh laa kalah lak tuh. hiii-hooo!. i act thought it was my class xtvties but rupe2 geng ecah jerr. besh eventough there was only 5 of us. we only played 1 game since it started to get boring. :( the boys were there too. they joined us for lunch. we ate at kfc. i ordered that twisterr (mende ntah name nyerr) n they all ordered ayam lohhh. *nmpk bnyk n aku lak ngah lapar mserr tuh. ecah offered her lg! ohh yaaa, we even bought a cake. n wrote on it 'good luck 4 final. xoxo' hahah. choc mocha cake. glerr sedap!
yumm yummm
. :P


before goin back to uitm, i went to this kenduri kawen at damansara. got lost there, carik dewan tuh kt mner ntah. at a place call 'jala
n athinahappan' (i think i spelled it wrong.hahah!), at TTDI. then abah took us to the curve. seriously, dh lmerrr gler x g sna. niat nk window shoppin but TERbeli baju laaa plak. ngee :P theeeen bru blik s.alam. fuuh'

(*ngah-xde keleja. *ss kt web cam.hah!)
now, i'm stdyin CTU. xabes2 lg. n haram aku xingt pape. huh' plzzz pray.wish me luck. i wanna wish gud luck for him. all the best to u encik aboon. :DDDD

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