wonderful memory.

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finally, berjumpa ngn aboon. went to mid valley to meet him. GILAA excited. hohoh aziemah pon ada, but she was with her friend.
but before that, i went to pudu. bought his ticket bus to ipoh. menakutkan gilaa, taw2 jelah pudu tuh cmner klu g sorang2. hukhuk.
then rushed back to mid. met up with iedan n his 'gurl' at mcD.wahahah!
aboon n i went to secret recipe, ordered a DELICIOUS brownies walnut, mushroom soup n a drink. lepak borak2, melepaskan kerinduan. hihihhi
pastu i merengek2 ajak dye g the gardens. hehehe.
cantek, n the gardens tuh cm pavilion gak r. tempat yg standard2 tinggi.

things that we bought yesterday.

forME : * an bag.
* a mark&spencer hat. (murah lak tuh, amat BERBALOI!)

forHIM : * shoes
* TOPMAN sweater. (style glerr sweater tuh n BERBALOI r.)

ohh yeah! TOPSHOP was on SALE!. glerr x. harga accessories dye jatuh 70%. wahahah.
nyesal x menabung pada masa lampau. klu x, dh shoppin sakan dah. hukhuk.

arrived at uitm bout 9.30. glerr penat n MGT dh xingt apemende. huhu.
ngah risau neh.
sooo, plzzz people. pray for me. :)))

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