dear DIARY...

by - 8:53 AM


this coming new year, i would wish that all my wishes will come true.
insyaallah! :)

1) panjang kan umur me&my family&him.

2) hope i'll still be with him 4ever.

3) wish to stdy harder & get dekan for next sem. :)

4) dimurah kan rezeki.

5) to have more friends in life.

6) to have a slimmer body n maintain the
47kg weight. wahahaha.

7) to buy more&more&more&more shoesssss &
bagssss. heee.

8) to be more stylish. heheh.

9) to curl my hair or cut it shorter. mybeee. =.=

10) hope abah will pay my roadtax&minyak kete
for next year,.hahah

11) to get a new handphone & ipod

12) start living a healthy life. fuyooooh! (*xley blahhh!)

AMIN! hope ALLAH s.w.t hears my wishes and make it come true. :)

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