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ntah laa. skg neh (dh lama daa..) dh tak b'minat t'hadap MYSPACE&FRIENDSTER&FACEBOOK.
just log in to read&approve comments n replying it back.

just say it.that i'm sombunk. DONT CARE!
for those that i didnt reply ur comment, i'm sory.
just felt that i'm not in the mood anymore.

for those that have been deleted.heheh.
myb i dont know YOU & dont wanna know YOU.
add aku tuk NYEMAK kan lg fren list ko.
dh add.then xcomment lak.
apa kah itu?!...

and of course.... YAHOO MESSENGER.
i'll alwys b on9.
but invi.
just buzz me if u have sumthink important to say.
soalan popular yg slaloo ku terima...

"dh xske chat, nape bwat YM??.."

* ishk ishk. ikot ske aku lahh.
* the main purpose is that, it informs me (immediantly) any emails i get.
* to chat with him&true frens only. mekaseh. :)

nape lh ko berperangai sebegini.
pics xley nk upload.

life has its ups&downs.
SERABOT glerr skg.
bnyk angt masalah.
for me,cryin is the BEST medicine.
xperlu menyakit kan, nyusahkan hati org lain & dapat tenang kan diri lepas tuh.
but kinda cry baby rite?
but pedulik pe,
just think about YOUSELF. dont think what others think about YOU.

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