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last week, i attend a course.

..................................LATIHAN INTENSIF BRASS BAND ke-34.
for a week,we had to stay at kolej kenanga. scary place u know. i mean, its a rili scary+creepy place.
its an old college. toilet dia dh r cm dark water.semacam jerr bila nk pegi toilet.

xpecially the stor beside it. gler r!

during the course we got the chance to choose our own instrument. i was interested in
bellyra (bell-liar).
its fun perr, bley ketuk2 bende tuh. hahah.
but later, n
yesal lak aii. hukhuk
i realized that i was more into tenur. hihih.
but ntah laaa. the seniors said that if we want to change, to play another instrument, we've got to go to another LIBB for next. sem.. uhhh?nooo nooo nooo.

6.30 am : bangun pagi, gosok gigi JER. hihihi lari2 + push upss +
sit upss + bridging(dunno how to spell it) +
superman. [for percussions]
8.30 am : breakfast
9.00 am
: music class

12.30 am
: lunch

2.00 pm : music class
6.30 pm : dinner
8.00 am
: music class

11.00 pm
: mandi + gossip + zzzZZzzzz.

"i'm in this pic, try finding me."

the last day, we played for a function.
well,.... NOT A function b
ut ntah laa. dunno what to say. hmmm, after that. its kind of fun playing bellyra. hihihi.
just because someone had said to me. 'hey, u pandai maen taw'. hahahahha!!!

kembang dohhh. >.<

theres more pics act but its all in mai's nset. i'll upload it later. :D

p/s : i took all this pics from payed's friendster but xbgtaw pun dye. maafkan aku payed.
lupa nk khabo kn kt mu td. hihi

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