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i'm NOT using celcom anymore.
for those who has my celcom num, plisss delete it.
stop using because its damn expensive.

n why am i saying this??...
its because....
using prepaid.. i topup below RM30 a month.
using celcom 1+5... my bil cost almost RM100 a month.

hahah. gatai sngt nk try celcom 1+5, ambek ko..
kena bayar bil rm100.
ok, i admit that its....hmmm, dunno what to say.
but klu dh free call btween u and your boyfriend,
sape xsuka.rite?! ;p

yang pelik can OUR bil cost almost rm100?!
its free call btween us n bila check bil, cm x masok akal jerr.
ntah laa.
i called celcom cntre. and i could only freeze my account.NOT TERMINATE it yet.
bcoz i have to pay my bills first. hahah.
of coz laa! duhhh.

mama just gelak jerr, bila i cakap kt dye yg i dh x berkemampuan nk byr.

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