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by - 10:26 AM

buhsan dohh mlm2 neh.

meh meh baca. :D

The last person to tag u is?
azureen azlan. :)

What relationship of u with her?
TTJ Friend.

Your 5 impressions about her?
1. kecumelan melampau
2. clever.
3. manja? yang AMAT. heheh
4. Kind.
5. friendly

The most memorable thing she had done for you.
has been a gr8 friend.

If she becomes ur lover, u will
setia tuk selama&lamanya. :)

If she becomes ur enemy, u will
fak yah. heheh

If she becomes ur lover, she will have to improve on
loving me more&more. hee

If she becomes ur enemy, the reason is
theres sumthink wrong bout me or HER? myb...

How do you think people around you feel about you?
dunno lah u.

The character for u urself is

The most ideal person u want to be is
myself! :D

For the person who cares n likes u, say something about them.
thanks alot. rili appreciate it. xoxo

Ten people to tag.
hahah. *orang2 neh xde pon blog. just listing them down.

1. mama.
2. abah
3. fifi.
4. along.
5. aboon.
6. yati beckham.
7. ain
8. yana.
9. cthny.
10. velvet.

Who is no.2 having relationship with?
with no.1 (my mom laaa.hahahah)

Is no.3 female/male

If no.7 n no.10 be together, would it b a good thing?
heheh. velvet is my cat. ain cant have him! uwek ;p

How bout no.5 and no.8?
yana & aboon 2gether???!!!!!

What is no.1 studying?
noo. she's a teacher ada lahhh. hehe

When was d last u have chat with them.

Is no.4 a single?
yeahhh! *ntah laaa.

Talk something bout no.6 until 10
my FRIENDS&PET! hehheheh

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