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these are pics of me in thailand. slept there for a night. its act in
betung, thailand. a small town in south thai.
the town is even smaller than kangar. bayang kan lahh klu i tnggl sna.
apa mau hidup? hohoo.
but people there can speak malay. malam2 ada elephant jln2 kt
pekan tuh. hihi,. cm besh jerr.
and bnyak pelacur lepak2 kt luar pub. seksi2. they even went to
our hotel. ada pak cik tuh smpai kena tarik n pelok ngn pelacur tuh.
woooh. scary dohhh!

we act went there coz ada hbngan kementrian pendidikan m'sia
ngn sekolah2 pedalaman kt situ.
atas dasar kerja gak r, abah de meeting. ktorng lak jalan2.


pekan betung,thailand

hot spring

kt chalet air panas.

komunis tunnel

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