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by - 7:16 AM

dear bloggie ku sayang intan payung.

i'm sooo happy today! i registered myself in class F for bel (*english class)
soo i went to class today, then xde lec lak. hmm. but i was soo damn
excited to see cthny. hahah lama gler xjmpa dye! i miss u soo much girl'..
and soo was my other ex classmates. ada 4boys jer dlm class tuh, and
i'm glad to see them again. heheh

but after this, i might be registered back to class B. KP kata nk selaraskan
class. hmm, wateva lah.

now. ntah laa. nothings wrong bout class B. x macam sem lepas,
bila datang lambat, xde perasaan takut pon. but this sem, whenever
i'm late to class, i've got this feeling, cam takut2 nk masuk class,
takot xde kawan n stuff. dulu xde plak rasa camtuh. buat muka
selamba jerr, cam xbersalah jerr.

now, nk masuk class pon, i've to call norly or nad, to make sure
that they'r in the classroom.

i hope i can get use to it. n make more friends in class. AMIN!

ohh. sory for not uploading pictures. its because i've no pics to upload.heheh. :)

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