by - 6:25 AM

gila HAPPY!!
i'm at home right now. i skipped brassband this morn,
bcoz i woke up LATE. huh.
i'm adding a new azam tahun baru, trying to get up early EVERYmorn!
then i trus packed my things, coz x sabar sngt nk blik rumah.
misss u home!
ptg td, g servis aircon keter with mama. luckily, it cost only rm100.
kt shah alam, diaorg mntak rm800. GILAK TOLL.
skg sejuk skit kete, klu x rasa angin panas jer.hukhuk. :(

kak mira called tghari td. asking me to play bell for brassband comp.
hmm, ingt bru nk tukar blajar main tenur, but xdpt lah nmpk nyerr. melayang~
practice will be on tuesday night. aghhhh!

now, i'm searching my boy a shirt. it must be a special one. heheh. tak kisah laa brape harga nyerr, jnji chantek&he likes it. :D

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