nyummm nyummm

by - 11:07 PM

yesterday, at the salon i took off my fav earring. it was a heart shaped earring that i bought at vincci accessories, for only rm9. gler syg r kt anting2 tuh. but now its gone. :(
i have another fav earring. i bought it at an event, jualan2 barang2 murah kt subang ritu. it cost only rm5, chantek! blue in colour and it was special b'coz of its anchor shaped.

i sj jer upload this pic,hihi. well, the reason is that, to show how much i love the grey shirt that i'm wearing! ntah ntah ntah laaa. ske sngt shirt nih. xde jenama pon, and i bought it at pasaraya bintang kt seksyen 7, rm4.90! gler x, murah jer. and i'm wearing it right now. kuikui. lembut & comfortable & berpatutan harganya. i just love it! :D

pegi banting td, pos kan barang. ohh yeah! i berjaya jual my radioactiv handbag! yahooo. thnks intan for buying. bertekad untuk jual bnyk barang lg. heheh. hmm.mama ada meeting today, soo she told me to buy lunch for myself. soo i went to pizza hut laa. between pizza & kfc & mcd, i prefer pizza tuk kenyang kan perut. huhu. oppsss! lupe lak nk boikot pizza gak. heheh
secret recipe bru je dibuka di bandar banting. bguih laa, dh maju ckit. huhuhu. so, i bought 1 of my mum's fav, choc indulgence. its for her! :)

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