<3 benjamin button

by - 5:16 AM

i went to jusco bukit raja today, wit norly & nad.
to watch movie.
mereka lah kaki wayang!
hahah :D

we had our tax test today,in da morn.
& my class was supposed to have another test after that, math test.
then aliff told us that our lec had canceled it.
thanked GOD!
i didnt study lak tuh. duhhh'
then i wanted to get norly&nad first kt melati.
yeahh! nad dh bwk motor. *harap2 ko bwk aku lak.lmer gler xnaik motor. :)
the MENGONGest thing is, i forgot where i parked my car!
mengong mengong mengong mengong.
kebetulan lak fik lalu kt ctu.
sudah pasti aku dah kena gelak setan ngn dye.
*ciss, pndai u & farish gelak kan i yerr. dushh dushhh!
we went to watch the curious case of benjamin button.
the movie?... hmm, i'm giving 5star!
i enjoyed it, but i rasa cter tuh xsesuai klu kter tgk kt dvd ke.
coz it'll b kinda borink.
but klu tgk kt pwagam, mmg besh. *bg i laa.

but before that, we watched eden lake.
hangin tol aku!
its not what i expected.
ingt kan cter hantu seram gitu,
but cter suspens ckit r.
hmm. i'll give 2star jela.

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