noo mood

by - 10:24 AM

its late and i'm not asleep yet.
act dh ngntok but ntah laa.
i just finished watching gossip girl. trying to catch up.
goin to download more episode 2morrow, hopefully.
& i'm damn addicted to it.
&& i'm also finding the curious case of benjamin button.
anyone? help plzzz where to download...

& & & & i have an economic test on monday, at 4.00pm okeh!
apsal lah pilih masa petang2 tuh.
mood xde dohh!
& i havent start studyin yet.
worried worried worried.

went to jusco bukit tinggi for shoppin.
i shop when i'm not in a mood.
i drive when i'm not in a mood tooo.
seriously, its makes me more calm & i can think wisely.
i dont know whats into me now.

i dont really know but i think i've turn to this really wierd person since i've got back from genting.
everythings not right.
cam nk marah cmua org jerr.
moody pon ada.
kurang bercakap pon jgak.
period kot?? naaaaah!
aku ngah suci skg.
heee :)
but really want to THANKED muhammad fadhlilhafiz for
being there for me when i'm having a prob.
thnks sayang. :)
ur support really helps me.
friends : plzz help me, cheer up my life back. :D

got home at 6.00 & abah tnya bout the scratch on my car.
heeee. soo soo sooo soowie
t'gesel kt tembok. hukhuk
& & & i'm pissed off cause umah xde air.
myb 2morrow evening bru ada KOT.
how am i suppose to wash my clothes?!!
i'll be alone at home 2morrow.
mama is goin to kajang, visiting fifi at skool.
& i'll myb be goin back to shah alam in the afternoon.
kt umah, aku xkan study nyer.

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