selamat pagi malaysia

by - 4:01 PM

mornin everyone.

i got up early today,heheh. ada brass band pagi neh, at 10am.
not really excited to go, nnti t'jmpa plak that ohh-not-so-lovely 'sis' of mine. isshhhl
dh laa note2 semua dh t'lupa & i have this drum competition next month!
latihan pon i xpegi,malas r weyhh. :(
i'm like this tunggul kayu yg keras there, waiting & practicing alone.
boo-rink,get it?

okeh2,i dont want to ruin my mood for 2day, just b happy.
i'm going home (*my real real home) this afternoon. besh nya!
myb i'll stop at jusco bukit tinggi first, kot laaa.

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