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sory. the image is not that clear. ngee. :)
i captured it using my webcam, tuh laa psal. malas r nk g amek camera.

the key chains are from norly & nad.
thanks gurls! having fun but still havent forgotten me. heheh.

they went to teluk batik last saturday. slept over at nad's house. i couldnt join them coz ada date. heheh. klu x, msti besh kan kan?
mandi laut sama2. :D

ohh yeahhh! to norly. i truly understood ur probs. huhu.
just b strong.
& rmmber that u have me now as ur friend in ur life. heheh. <3>

ohh.hahah. td nad bwk i naek motor dye. goin to pusat islam. for what? tok smbhyang laa. hahah. then tetibe ley bangkit lak cite psal me living in US. hehe. i dont really like to tell anyone that i've once live there for 3 years. (*nah.dh bgtaw dh) huhu. but i really mish oklahoma. wlupon bukan lah bandar yg besar cm new york tuh, but the memories there is still in my mind. the snow & westwood eagles elementary school & home & laura.
ohh, rili2 mish it! :D

jp2. jason mraz? jason mraz?
yana ajk g consert dye. n i rili want to. huhu.
but this month budgt?? over budget dohh.
aduihh.. :(

hmm.dah2. now,my prob? trying to understand tax. gler r!
skip 1 class pon dh penin, apalgi 2 class. how am i gonna catch up dohh?!. dh la friday neh ada test, bout the topic that en saiful taught in the last 2 classes. the class that i ponteng tuh. uhuhhu.

help me?..

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