wishh wishh :)

by - 6:10 AM

roxy grey jeansss :)

topshop leather bag

i'm trying to save money so that i can have everything that i've wished for.
i really2 want a grey MNG jeans. & its under rm100. so, it affordable. but i have to forget bout it cause its not on sale anymore. now, there's another Grey MNG jeans, i think its rm195. huhu.

'kita xley ikut kemahuan, tapi keperluan.'

i'm targeting roxy grey jeans, but its way way tooo expensive. bout rm280+ okeh??!
its better that i buy levi's.
i also wish to buy a
Leather Fold Over Tab Slouch bag from topshop. i alwys wanted a purple bag. not a SHINY one like those selling at the pasar mlm. oppssss! heheh.
but its also way tooo super duper expensive. i think its rm300++ in malaysia.
but i know its topshop.heheh. soo, no wonder laa. :)
well, i think i have to wait for next sem's JPA. huhu. my budget for this sem...
OVER BUDGET! hehehe.
i like to list down stuffs that i wish to buy. it makes me more 'jimat cermat'.
good for me aite. :)
i'm hoping that my sis buys TONS of stuff to sell for my
blogshop when she comes back to malaysia.

* i've got this ohh-soo-hurt pimple on my nose.
& it really hurts. ouch!

** cant wait for 2morrow. :)

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