birthday girl!

by - 4:42 AM


she's my housemate.
its her BIRTHDAY today.
soo, i'm wishing u a happy birthday!
hope u get what u wish for in ur life!

i'm at home rite now. sarah g dinner with her boy.
mas & mai lepak mcD. celebrating birthday mas kot with her boy, nik.
i'm too tired to go, soo i prefer to stay at home.
lgpon mas's friend is coming over tonite.
t xde sape2 kt umah, cian lak dye xdpt nk masok.

pegi tesco tday with nad & norly. heheh
dorg beli barang tuk bwat cake! best kan kan?
nk berniaga. :)
&& tomorrow they will cook lunch for me.

xsabar2 nk blik esok.
i'm downloading slumdog millionaire rite now.
dian kata besh.hee.


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