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yeah, HELLOO people.

i thought today was my unlucky day. but i was not that unlucky. (*sort of)
this morning, i got stucked in the lift. the apartment's lift. gila r!
xde laa gelabah sngt but i was thinking bout the air inside the lift. dh laa xde kipas dlm lif tuh.
if u noticed, there's suppose to be a small fan above, kt atas kepala ko tuh..aduih'
xkan nk ddk diam je dlm lif tuh, soo i pushed the gold bell button. first time doing it.hahah. bukan semua orng dpt tekan loceng tuh.
yeah, it rang. n fortunetly for us, a girl on the 8th floor was going down and had push the lift button tuh for the outside. alhamdulillah! :D

okeh2, during account class. i was worrying bout our economic's presentation. bout the OHP and stuff. & our presentation was not yet 100% ready at that time. tetiba2 lak lecturer dtg & she told me to do a quiz, that i was suppose to do it last week, at that time! aduih,faham x?
i wasnt ready & started to GELABAH t*t*k. haha!
nseb baek ifa dtg tepat pada waktu nya, & she helped me ALOT! i mean ALOT! hahah.
even gave me the answers. *wink *wink.
mekasih mekasih my dear ifa!
** ohh. congrats for u being back with fik.hihih ;p

during presentation, madam gurmit commented alot on our presentation. i was a bit nervous n i kinda regret of making to many slides. hihi. but lastly, she said..
'good presentation'. hahahahh'

k. too lazy to type more n more & too lazy to stdy. heheh. i didnt even finish my work yet.
ohh yeah, i watched spaQ, the last episode. ahhh' she married fahmy! i kinda like that fahmy guy. hihi. kinda sweet. ( huh, ikot ske aku r, hahah). sory abun cyg. heheh :D


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