earth hour!

by - 6:36 AM

ask yourself.did u turn your lights off?

me? i do!

my room & the living room.
except for mas & sarah, stdy for tmrrow's test. :)
zurin? titoo. hihi

i think shah alam turned their lights off too. u could only see the street lights. most of our neighbors didnt even switch their lights off. shit! support laa weh. ek elehh'

& i'm proud of uitm. menara SSAS padam kan lmpu logo uitm tuh & menara enginering pon sama gak! wahhh' & semua org kwar umah lepak kt luar. as for us, t'pksa t'perap kt umah, studying for tmrrow's test! aduihhh'

i didnt felt the 1 hour was too long. coz i was busy 'gayut'ing with abun. hahah!
& i called my parents, i think they too didnt switch their lights off. hahah
abah kata masa tuh adalah prime time. wajib tgk berita. :D
lgpon they'r in KL rite now, blik kg. xkan my grandparents nk ddk dlm bergelap lak. hoho
ohh ohh, n u know, my nenek siap sediakan lilin lg, tkot lampu tetiba t'padam sendiri. hahah

k. last thing to say. i'm proud of being some1 who supports earth hour! c(:

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