goodbye friends..

by - 9:26 PM

i've just read haz's blog. nana is going to japan. yahoo for her!
we were in the same class in form 1. i don't know weather she still rmembers me or not. but i sure do. hihi. most of my kenalan at skola men jitra are studyin overseas rite now. && i'm very jealous of them. huhu.
myb badi kot. hihi. i studied there for a year, myb the BADI xsmpai kt aku kot.
even my sis, an ex SMJ is now in russia, taking medic.
klu lah aku skola kt sna smpai abes form 5, the chances of me studying oversea are higher kot. hahah (*gila prasan doohhhh!). heheh,
ala, angan2 mat jenin.

msa dpt result spm lak, abah paksa amek tesl. jd cikgu english rasa nya kan kan?
& myb dpt pegi oversea. but my science subject is way toooo TERUK, okeh. huu.'

i still rmmber the days, when abah wanted to move to s'gor.
i cried laa! of course. i just hate it when i have to move to another school, where we dont have friends yet. cm budak bangang msok class, xde kwn. u know,
i merajok like a baby. xtegur pon with my parents.
& i begged them to let me stay in the hostel there. hihi.

but now, its luckily for me to be here, i mean uitm laa.
i still have a chance to go oversea for my ACCA.
but result kena lah gmpak. dekan pon skg, xdpt2 lg. aduihhh.

klu xdpt, abah suggested me for sunway college. hmm, we'll see.


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