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''I still remember, when I entered primary school, I was in the 1st class, 1 Mawar Merah together with Hidzer, Aela and Hazim.. Aela sgt lahh chumel dat tyme! haha.. and Hidzer was like a devil dgn tanduk yg besar..eheee.. serious die jahat! haha.. I still remember how I cried to see Hazim kena rotan slalu ng ayah die, Ckg Mustapha cuz tak nk masuk class..ekeke =PP I still remember that tyme during Iqra class, me together with Nun and Mira Azhari mcm satu geng, sekepala kt Iqra.. I still remember how one day, I bullied Farah Syazana till she cried.. then i got scolded by my ustazah..haha''

'' I still remember when I was in form 1, I entered SMJ.. During the orientation week, I have my own group ; me, Ina, Mira Nordin, Joanna, Mira Mohd and Sha.. We have made a promise among us not to fall in love with the guys and dont believe in guys.. and the first one who broke it was FARA HALINA ROSLI! haha.. Inaaa.. ekeke =PP.. Then we all got into the same class, 1 Cemerlang together with Amirah Azhari, Nafisah,Hidzer, Hazim, Azim and ramai lg SKSAT students.. and I started to know Imran Redzuan yg "anti-pompuan" cuz he was my classmate and my jiran setaman..ekeke =PP''

nih petikan dr blog haz. http://sexypink133.blogspot.com/
glerr r. she still remmber the old days. hihih.
haz is one of my friends in jitra, kedah. we'r in the sme skola rendah & men.
klakar bila terkenang blik zaman kanak2 ribena.


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