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i'm soo unlucky, i guess.

* yesterday, i accidentally left my MOST IMPORTANT MARKETING ASSIGNMENT at a bookstore! all my articles are in that file. & i was to scared to go back to that store cause, 'takot kena marah ngn parents d'sebabkan cuai' :(

* i left my 2ND MOST IMPORTANT ECONOMY ASSIGNMENT at home (*shah alam house) & my group has to present it TODAY!! & i'm now blogging?? (*g siap kan kerja r weh!! )

* a Chinese guy fell of his moto! eiii. scary,okey! he was bringing 2 gas tong with him on his moto. his gas was on the road. gila cian. i couldnt help him coz i was on the other side of the road. klu x, aku mst tolong dye.

* while i was driving, the car infront of me (*without feeling guilty) , he threw out trash from his car window. bodoh laa ko! parents ko xajar ke jgn buang sampah merata2. bangang! (* aku mmg sensitif ckit bila orang buang smpah merata2.)

* jam from klang to shah alam td. geram nya!!

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