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my story for today..

we had our English test today. huhuhu. messaged amir last night
& he said, senang je r.. yeah rite.
huhu. for me, 'easy' laa sngt, cause i

damn FORGOT to bring my dictionary + FORGOT my liquid paper
+ i'm sitting in front of Shakie! perghhh.

bayang kan aku nk meniru? memang x dapat laa ngeng. :(
b4 the test started she told us to put our stuff on the floor
& handset are all switched off + put it on the table. gle strict.
she even told us that she has caught many of her students cheating in test.
mmg sah r kena gantung, huhu.

as for me? shakie walked to the back of the class & thats when
i quickly took fiza's dictionary. wahahah.
mati aku.aku pon nk markah tinggi gak.

i even borrowed her liquid paper. hihi.
my paper was such a mess.

i had 2 test today. && math test. huhu
question 1 was perghhhh.

ohh yeah! it reminds me of sumthing. huhu
huhu. hate that word!
there's this boy Ahmad (*bukan nama sebenar), from kelantan.
sleng klate dye mmg gler pekat r! i admitted it. hihi.
lov hearing him talk.
& theres' this boy, Boboy (*bukan nama sebenar ).
dak KL. (*kl laa kunon)
huhu. perlu kah korang drop cara dak2 klantan neh cakap?
x perlu kot!
rilex udaaa.
ksian sngt bila tgk Ahmad tuh kena gelak ngn dorg.
byg kan, the whole kuliah dgr? malu r dye.
plzz la. dye tuh manusia gak.
ada rasa malu.

thats all. nothin to tell & no pic. living in a normal life rite now. huhu.

p/s : i almost burn mai's shoulder just now. hahah :DDDD

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