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tax is this friday & i'm freaking out. but cant stop me from on9-ing. :)
i'm now active in facebook, doing those damn quizzes.
yeahh yeah, ku tau yg quiz2 tuh cm bangang! hahah :D
nk gelak2 sorng pon ada gak.
i wish i could be in other people's place.
i mean manusia2 yg dah finished their exams. happiness rite?!
i planned to do alot of things after this.
menambah kan pendaptan myb?
noo noo, i dont mean by working. :(
my parents x kasi dohh.
but its okeh, i can stay at home.
blajar memasak? hee.

oh ohh,we had our accountncy exam today.
then headed to sksyen 2, for lunch.
saw someone, ohh not someone but 2 girls there.
okeh, i dont act KNOW them, but kinda knew them.
talking cam keling eik?
what i meant is the girls are a friend of mine.
& i penah lah tgk2 pic mereka itu d myspce.
kinda cun r. bley d katakan.
but what i dont like bout them is,
perasan up to date & unik sngt.
yess, i know most girls are like that.
but do YOU have to tell others bout it, that u & ur friends are the only one in this world that is
UNIQUE & UP TO DATE??? perlu kaaaa?.

ohh yess, i thought that u r pretty & styo like in ur pics.
oopppsss, thats what photoshop does for you.

i'm sorry i'm being like this. i'm not suppose to.
coz nobody is perfect!
listen, no one is perfect.
just, its kinda annoying when they think they r soo stylish n stuff. wateva.

*sakit hati.

today, got a call from fik.
kot2 laa berminat ngn umah sewa dorg tuh.
soo interested in moving in another house, me lah.
but the house was,..
hmmm, kinda scary. heheh
ptt lah din crik umah lain.
but the worst part is, unfurnished.
cm mana mau bsoh bju &letak ayam2 mentah & ikan2
the house that they got, mmg gilak r.
4 storey house. hahaha. cool aite?
1st floor? ruang tamu.
2nd floor? dapur
3rd & 4th ? bilik.
abes laa u, kurus. :)
*syed farish pon akan bertambah kurus. hihi.
then we ronda2 looking for another house,
kot2 laa jmpa.
pray people pray.

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