talentime :)

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i went to watch talentime today with norly & nad at jusco bukit raja.
ajk mai skali, but she could not go.

i bukan lah peminat setia filem2 yasmin ahmad.cause i think jalan cerita semua filem nya a bit slow, mmbuat kan i menguap bnyak kali lah gak.

sorry to say that, but thats what i think & feel.
but i have to admit that talentime had made me cry. hehehe
not only me, nad & norly too. haha
there was this gurl, still crying eventough the movie was over. ;p

ohh ohh, it also made me gelak like a setan!
masa part harith iskandar's mom talking to mahesh, her lips memang 'X BLEY BLAHH LAA'
serious! 1 panggung gelak'

the sadest part was when hafiz's mom died. mmg sedih r, mengalir gak lah air mata neh.
huhu :(
lagi2 lagu yg dimainkan masa tuh lagu sedih jerr.
part masa mahesh kena blasah ngn his mom pon sedey gak,
then melur cried in the car. awwwww'

lagu2 dlm movie neh semua nya BEST!
lagu yg hafiz nyanyi masa audition, lagu hindustan tuh & lagu yg hafiz nyanyi masa akhir skali, part talentime competition tuh was my fav!

but agak bengang gak r with this movie.
myb yasmin wants to do 'Talentime the movie 2' plak kot. huhu
i can still rmmber the guy sitting next to me, mencarut2 masa movie tuh nk abes.
' shit shit.. *&%^$.. xkan dh abes dh kot?!!!! ' says that guy laaa.
coz ending dye yg tergantung.
dont really know what happen to melur & mahesh after that.
tetiba dewan lampu tutup one by one then tup..

conclusion? for me, i kinda liked this film. except its a bit slow tuh je kot. hee.
try watching it.

p/s : seriously, muka melur mcm muka vince AF. hihi. rite ha'?!!


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