by - 9:28 AM

baek lah, hafiz menang!
haha 'macam lah aku neh mengikuti sngt AF'
how to watch maaa? kt umah sewa pon xde astro.
kt umah neh pon td, watching final,
mama & abah berebut nk tgk AF & bola.
me? jd orang tengah je laa.

okeh2. i wanna wish my mum & dad HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY.
29 minits late kan? its okeh.
i wished my mum this morn, & she just smiled! :)
my dad doesnt work as a lecturer anymore coz dh masuk kementerian
but he received more teacher's day SMS than my mum.
cian mama'

teruskan bercakap..
td sum1 msged me, offering me to be in a business with him.
bag business.
he has many design for me to make it as a bag.
hmm, i'm doing all this handmade bag just for fun.
coz i'm alone at home & there's nothing to do, its better for me to do sumthing rite?
klu ada orng beli, alhamdulillah :)
klu xde, its okeh.
okeh, so i didnt really accept his offer,
i just said that i'm only free this month, & next month i'm busy & next next month dh msok sem baru.
*& i'm not really that good in drawing.hahah

tmrrow i'll b going to kl,
siap kan sumthing tuk mama.
& i'll b back on monday.

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