cutey pie!

by - 6:45 AM

petang td ada anak ayam neh, tersesat. cian dye. huhuhu.
then my dad tngkap & i kept it for a moment. hheheh. i just cant let it go freely coz i got 5 cats in my house, tunggu masa jerr nk terkam this lil chic. eheh

nk dkt maghrib bru lah i went looking for its mum. xdpt nk simpan, coz he's soo noisy laa.
bunyik ayam dye kuat sngt. & i cant just let him go wondering by itself,
kucing2 liar kt luar tuh bnyk sngt.

i cycled around my neighbourhood, finding its mum.
xkesah laa ibu ayam mner pon aku jmpa, letak jerr. msti that ibu ayam jga nya. hihi

nseb baik laa, 1 of my neighbours bela ayam
& bnyk lg others chics kt situ. so, i assume that 1 of the chickens there is its mum. hahah
then, i let it go. comel angt, manja lak tuh.

my mum yg bru blik from her swimming class, g temankan i antar the lil chic kt umah neighbour i tuh.
such cute lil animal! :)

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