help me?

by - 11:38 AM

tuan tuan & puan puan!

i'm now looking for
* ring
* long grey cardy
* fringe sling bag
* quilt handbag

tuh je lah buat masa. i have no time to go to KL, to shop. so, i turned to blogshop. hahah
mmg terDESAK.
i 've looked everywhere, & smua yg i berkenan, smua nye dh SOLD OUT.
amat menghampakan.

hope that u people out there can help.
if u're among my frens or u dont even know me & u have suggestion, do tell me.
myb we can be frens kot? who knows!hahah
i <3 making new friends.
okeh2, back to the story.
i mmg nk crik bnde2 di atas neh,
tp bukan yg jenis berlambak2 kt pasar malam tuh,
klu ada suggestion, bg lah yg unique2 ckit. lain dr yg lain.
heheh :))

*******nothin for me to update. now, i'm just tired. :)

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