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me? again. of course! its my blog.

okeh okeh.
i've been reading people's blog lately. & they'r posting bout their tawaran dpt masuk
U or matrik o form 6 n stuffs.

okeh girls boys, congrats!
my cousin got into matrik pahang act. but he di
dnt want to go.
dont really know why, tkot agak nya.
i rmmber before i entered mtrik perlis, rumors was saying that 600 students have been kicked out coz gagal kot.
serious, my mum told me that.
yeahh! it really freaked my out okeh! but
what to do maaa. i didnt get any offer from any IPTAs, felt bad taw.
& i didnt want to go to any IPTS also. coz they are expensive.
okeh, smbung blik psal cousin td.
he got another offer from a local U,dont know which one, course sport rec kot. xsilap laa.
good for him :)
oh oh, my besty eja got an offer from unisel bt
g berjuntai. good good!
klu dpt shah alam lg bgus, dekat ckit ngn aku.
she was smsing asking bout medical checkup. h
rileks laa babe. doc tuh xkan wat pape kt ko laa. hahah.
naked time xray? naaa. xde nyer kita naked depan doc tuh.

oke, talk about yesterday.
hahah hihih huhuhu *laugh first.
watched wipeout on YOUTUBE.

hahahahahah *laugh again.
serious dohh, klakar gler tgk org jatuh.
i was watching alone, gelak setan sorng2.

then red joined & mai joined.

hahahahah *laugh again.
okeh, annoying? heheh
its my fav gameshow now.get it?!


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