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kenal? yeahh.tomok. congratss coz menang 2nite.
happy for YOU!

i still rmmber zaman dolu2. hahahah. seriously, i dont like him.
ntah la, i dont think that he's cute or what, apalagi his voice.
but now? yeahh, i'm 1 of his fans. hahahah

just saying, that u deserved to win the money.
daripada di pandang sebelah mata, trus jadi terrrr-beliak mata aku' :)

time audition, i was like
'eh, tomok? hahah. hekelehh.bley ke menang. or paul kesian so dye bagi peluang coz xnk malukan dye?.'
but i was damn wrong. huuhuu. like people always say, dont judge a book by its cover.
he worked for it.

my day? kecewa coz xdpt jmpa someone. really missing him.
yesterday, after exam i headed straight back to KL, to cheras exactly. but smpai sana maghrib, soo xkan nk dating2 masa maghrib lak? aduihh.

then i drive to maluri. to where? to queens park r. hahha.
just jalan2 kuar masok outlet2 kt cna.

& & i found this cardy! okeh,
harga? amat berpatutan for a branded one.
colour? just what i was looking for.
size? fits me. :)

& & i'm now looking for a leather jacket. and guess what?! i found 1 yesterday.
size? dont really know it fits.
colour? black, just the colour i wanted.
price? affordable.

my prob?....
my grandparents are worrying bout me, telling to get home early
& &the biggest prob, i dont have any money. aduihh, terlupa cucuk dwet dohhhhhhhh'.

i thot of coming back today, but i woke up late, okeh! & kena trus blik umah. but i manage to melencong to cheras jp. heheh. i didnt get the chance to meet him, but lalu depan umah dye pon suda mencukupi. :)

oryte2! kemerapuan berakhir. adioss'

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