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by - 10:33 AM

date : 9 may 2009
place : mid valley & baiduri
time : the whole day :)

i was on a date with aboon yesterday, went to mid to find his mum present. we found 1 from carlo rino at an affordable price, & i even got its mmbership card. heheh. :)
okeh2, jalan..jalan..jalan..
finally, i got back home at around 8 kot, & & the unluckiest thing is my keys accidentally termasuk dlm kunci2 umah aboon. aduihhh.
how am i suppose to enter my house? okeh, rilek!
called everyone, but xdpt. then called dian, lepak umah dye jp & went to maple, lepak sna lak.
fortunetly, mas blik awal & gler teruk gk r crik num bf dye. hahah.
i asked everyone okeh! :D
gler malang yesterday.

ohh ohh, we watched x-man. 5 thumbs up! :)

doing nothing rite now. i'm suppose to go to klang, umah my abang sedara. i'll be meeting mama there & then blik ampang. last nite, i tried to make my own handmade bag, using the colours that i had bought last 2 month for my MKT assignment, hope it works. i'm making it for myself but klu dh terlebih rajin sngt, i'll be selling it kot. :)

p/s : rili happy, my future mother in law ate my chocs. heheh. lov u syg!

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