by - 8:14 AM

okeh okeh, kaki aku bengkak.
faham?! bengkak!
sakit nye.

**ngade2 jp,. heheh.

now i'm soo soo tired.huhu. i browse through some blogshop to find the things that i desperately wanted.
well, i emailed all of them, & again, sold out. huhu

bukan rezeki kot.
pegi shopping td pon, i got myself a vest & new sandals,gantikan wedges putus gila tuh.
it wasnt in the list that i wanted but dh tengah sale kan kan, sapa nk terlepas. heheh.
i found the quilt bag at seed's but...
amboi amboi amboi, mahal gila nak mati. out of budget laa plak.
bnyk pre order bags now, & i dont really like waiting.
klu bley, i nk bayar rini, esok ley dpt. hahah

nway, thnks to kapan (*what's ur real name ek? hehe) & ween for helping!
dh tgk, but bnyk yg dh sold out. awww'
& ada yg i dh emailed them. wee! hope still available. amin.
& & to my yayhunk azureen, mengapa gue ngak boley bukak blog kamoo?private. huu'
rili mish u soo much dear! <3333

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