eco friendly :)

by - 9:00 AM

yess, i know u'r laughing at me. go away! heheh.
naaah. its what i called eco friendly curl.
made from kinokuniya paper bag.
belambak sngt paper bag tuh!

i'm trying to curl my hair WITHOUT using any heat.
i have this iron curl, but i left it in shah alam. aduihh'
plus plus, i hate using iron curl thingy tuh.
1) my hair only curls bout 30mins after doing it then its back to straight! gosh, gila marah. doesnt work!
2) its really hard to curl when i'm doing it alone.
3) my hair sucks ok! rosak teruk gila babi. (*mind the language,kids)

hmm, yeahh i know if ur wondering if i'd better let the salon do it,
but i rebon my hair in jan & it still looks good. xde laa rosak cm afro tuh.
i think of bleaching my hair, but nk tnggu my sis beli kan lama lg,
(*kt m'sia tidak ada jual ye puan puan)
& i dont want blonde hair going to class. hahah

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