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mr abun;photographer

lihat betapa keringnya my lips.
okeh, abaikan

today,i went shopping with my mr.abun
but b4 that, i went to my aunt's to get her cookies she had made for us (*my familia)
belive me, her homemade choc chip cooooookies are the best!

**went to mid, its all shop & watch.heheh
we watch drag me to hell.heheh.awesome movie & god i screamed my lungs out.hah'
but tetap cover2, coz ngn abun masa tuh.
kena budget ayu laa ckit. kuikui
well, i act wanted to watch the last house on the left but abun lak xnk,
so this was act my 2nd choice. :)

i was looking forward to buy boots, not the one u wear it in the winter.
ohh, so not sesuai laaa u to wear it in malaysia! haha.
but all the shops i went, they only sell boots with heels that i'm not interested.
abun lah yang bnyk beli barang, bought jeans & a shirt.
& masa tuh lak ai, my topshop card cannot b used! damn it. & as a replacement, i got myself a special receipt.
& in a week, they'll post my brand new card.
i didnt buy anything, coz dlu dh beli skinny pants frm the same place & i'm trying hard to save money for this weds. heee. :)
ohh, my outfit for today, is like a nightmare! if u do plan to wear dress, dont ever pair it with skinny jeans! it looks HORRIBLE!!
i got home at bout 9pm, just the right time to watch jangan lupa lirik! hahahah ;p
lucky me.

*very sad that my date with the babes didnt make it & i wont be able to join them if they tend to hangout together 1 day. awww. mish u girlssss!

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