i wanna cry!

by - 6:47 AM

* my result sucks!
i just dont know what to do now. havent tell my parents yet,tooooo SCARED!
BUT naseb baik xde yg fail. fuhh'
xsnggup nk repeat!
okeh, but i xsalahkan tuhan yg maha esa. i have to accept it.
its true that i didnt study that hard. i mean, i didnt study at all!.
hope jpa doesnt take back my scholarship. ohhh GOD!!!
& & i pray that ALLAH s.w.t will turned me into someone else.
sorng yg lebih rajin. amin~
hope my parents doenst ask me bout the results
& i will try to hide it as long as i can. xnk dorg sedey2

oh oh, but syukur that my overall result is still 3pointer, bt skit je lah. alhamdulillah. :D

thanks to what i called friends,
* mai
* red
* nad
* dian
for the good words, making me feel much better after reading ur message.

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