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*in my sis's room.she bought me this cute hat.

helllooo! god i mish u all
i'm in russia now, specifically,in nizhny novgorod.
i think i spelled it right.
hhahahaah :DD

okeh, my journey..
1 hour to klia,
2 hours to bangkok, thai
10 hours to moscow, russia
8 hours to nizhny novgorod

hang taw x blakang aku saket.hehehe
i dont really know the time in m'sia rite now,
but in russia, its 5.05 AM
& & its damn cold!
cold in SUMMER,ok!! *bout12 Celsius kot
ape ntah lg, in winter.

k.t8 care.lov u all. * xspcially abun! heheh

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