sabah ( 1 )

by - 10:53 AM

day 1 : semporna, sabah

yes, here i am in semporna, sabah baa.
never thought i'll be here. the place was fantastic! the beach? fab! with clear sea water. ngee~

note :
hmm, pantai chantek sngt2! & air pon jernih. even its bout 10meters deep, u can still see the sand underneth. wow, rite?!
BUT BUT BUT the villagers here, hmm, ntah laa. xamek kisah sngt kot bout the cleaniness. dorg buang sampah dr pasar trus dlm laut. geram jer rasa nye. u can see diapers, plastics everywhere in the water. rasa cm nk kutip jerr! but terlampau bnyk. kt tempat2 dorg buang smpah tuh, bdak2 kecik, aged bout 4 mandi ramai2!. bayangkan, dorg mandi dlm air laut yg penuh ngn sampah dr pasar. eeeiii, kan? :(

ohh, if u happen to be goin on a holiday here, do stay in dragon inn. mmg masyuk. :)

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