sakit hati wehhh!

by - 5:12 AM

okeh, thats my new hair after a long nite, wrapped with the paper bag. heheh
well, 1st in turned out gr8!
then it turned out funny laa plak. heheh

so, i went shopping with mama & fifi at jusco bukit tinggi,
& konon2 nk biasakan diri pakai wedges,
i pon pkai lah.
nway, i browse some fashion blog & there were tons of fab wedges & high heels!
okeh okeh, then jln2 & shopping then tushhh'
terputus lah plak.
yang aku paling bengang, wedges tuh bbrapa kali je aku pkai!! aduihhh'
& & i bought it from a branded shop.
well, not that branded but i bet everyone in m'sia knows it!!
konon beli mahal2, quality pon elok laahh.
but WRONG!! huh.
so, xkan nk jalan ngn wedges yg dh putus
plus kaki dh mula sakit gila nk mati,
so i bought myself a comfortable + affortable sandal.
puas ati. :)

*kaki aku bengkak hasil wedges yang putus!

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