saya gedik jgak ek?

by - 10:03 AM

yup.thats me yang amat gedik today.
masuk keter trus snap pics, x nonoh.
okeh, ko pon bwat kan kan?.i know that.ahh'
well, every car needs to warm up their fuel 1st,
nnti rosak tepi jln,bwat peluh ketiak jer.
masa yang terluang dipenuhkan dengan menangkap gambar.

xtiviti hari ini, xlain xbukan,
to daaa post office. vrooom vroom
posted HIS shirt,
hopefully he'll like it. :D
& back at home, on9-ing.
such a boring life? naah, not for me.
i enjoyed sitting at home, on9.
coz i've been reading people's blog,
such interesting blog they've got!
& & all this time i didnt know they've exist.hahah
myb all this time i havent try to find it more deeper kot.
asyk TERjmpa blog org yg baget bagus jer. eeeiiiii'
or kerja nk mengutuk mencarut orang jerr. uuuuuiiiiieeee'
okeh, kkdg pon i'm like that gak. hah'

okeh okeh.
i've been wearing my specs more often lately,
my eyesight is getting worse. aduihh'
myb i've been in front of my lptop for a long period of time that my eyesight pon dh tunggang langgang.

ok, back to reading their blogs.tadaaaaa'

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