vintage loversss!

by - 7:07 AM

sungguh chantek kan kan vintage dress? & i'm starting to like 'em. heheh
well, i browse through some vintage blog shop & they sell beautiful vintage dresses.
i pernah gak terpikir of buying them, wlupon the price is quite too expensive.
& & i have bought myself a dress, & worn it once. :)

okeh, here's the real story.
i just got back from melaka, & my dad ikot jalan jauh laa plak. ktorng lalu port dickson
& theres this big big bundle store!

okeh, my dad sometimes buy things from a bundle store. he likes buying ties. hehe
then i pon jalan2 laa around the store & found tons of vintage dresses, cost only RM5 FOR 1 DRESS!!!
murah gila kan kan??

i was wondering, yang mereka2 ini yg jual vintage dresses kt blogshop tuh, got their vintage dresses from a bundle store?!!!!
okeh,dari penglihatan saya lah kan, thoses dresses mempunyai bau yang agak TIDAK mengharumkan.
& slalu nya mereka2 ini yang jual dresses, slaloo nya yg pre loved.
well, mmg laah pre loved kan, coz its vintage & mesti dh digunakan oleh nenek2 mereka. :)
but klu dr turun temurun from thier granny's, tuh i can accept it
but i xnk laa tertipu ngn dorg2 neh, yg ingin mengaut keuntungan.

so, i think if i wanna buy myself a dress, i'll look for 1 in forever21 or topshop.
bau harum skit. heheh

& &, i x laa pandang rendah kt orang2 yg ske beli bundle neh, thats not my point.
coz my dad is one of those bundle lovers, & so do i.
but if u happened to be selling vintage dress & i got it from a bundle store & u lie to ur customers saying its from ur granny's, thats just not nice!
coz as a customer, i'm hoping of getting a nice & beautiful dress. & yg bau HARUM. hehe

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