by - 2:47 PM

aku g gatai minum coffee
& now its 5.48 am, & i cant sleep for the past ..... hours'
lama laa jgk,

thnked god abun called & i missed him so much.
he's now in melaka, continuing his studies there.

i'm damn HUNGRY!
& i cant wait for get to my fac to buy sandwich for my gendut tummy ;p
klu xtahan, i'll eat corn flakes je lah
azan subuh sedang berkumandang.
telling me to ' GI SEMBAHYANG SUBUH CEPAT!!!!'

ros is sleeping beside me, & zurin in front.
had a visit from ika last nite. :)
long time no see u girl.
makin cun, with ur gorgeous hair. *perasaan jeles bersemadi di dalam hati.

cant wait to reach class 2mrrow!
& to see nad's, nor's & dian's face.
got sumthing for them all the way from north.
& also for my new classmate
that i dont really know who they r yet

hopefully i dont have to park kt padang kawad
& take a bus to menara.
gosh! xmo xmo xmo!
i xnk if its banjir campur bau busyuk peluh under my ketiak pabila smpai ke class
for my new semester.

ohh, i act didnt go to see the doctor to check if i terkena H1N1
& i did arrive in thailand &&&&&& thailand dh femes ngn merebak nya wabak bahaya itu
setakat neh, hanya bersin bbrapa kali shj
hopefully its not h1n1 doh!

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