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okeh, yesterday i was abit busy, going here & there.
but i dont wanna start it with yesterday's thing. wanna tell u what happened in damansara.heheh
1st, cineleisure. then, the curve, then 1utama. heheh
hmm, let the pics tell u lah ye. ;p heheh

oh, meet malaysia's dreamgirls.hihihihi ;p

finally wore my wondershoe. :D
oh, & did u guys know that m'sia also have our own rapunzel? hahaaha

this was yesterday. went to fetch yana at her house & straight to keramat.dila'a bro's wedding. agk sesat laa gak crik umah dye. then met nada! hehe. lmer gler kot xjmpa dorg. :) after eating, snap some pics and send nada to the lrt station. she got classes today. gler cian. & yana followed me back to s.alam, to see her boy! aww. :)))

*dila dh gler kurus, nada dh gler cute & yana dh gler ayu. hihihi

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