new house

by - 9:29 PM


i already advertise for my room on the internet. hope someone will contact me ASAP! :)
coz i already found myself a new house to live. alhamdulillah.

oh, i receive this email just now.
do read,

Looking to share room with female. I just want keep 1 beg of my cloth. Only come to house 3 times a week JUST TO CHANGE MY CLOTH because I'm working part time at night. Not looking for male house because afraid my shirt stolen. hope someone can help me..we can discuss about the rental . please offer name shakrul email me at ****

(* the sender is a MALE)

hmm, i rejected it nicely, coz saying that i'm looking for a full time housemate.hihihi
that can pay full house rental every month & bills.

after this, plz do not ask me why i'm moving out.
the only answer is that i just want to find a new place to live. *the end. :)

*i'm finding a new home for my friends too (2 people). plzz help! :)

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